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How Copywriting is Saving Ukraine

Last week the world hurled into another crisis as Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. 

Citizens took to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook with well-wishes and hashtags. HR offices circulated emails with similar platitudes. And politicians jumped at every opportunity to blame their opponents for the security failures and loss of life. 

But behind the scenes is a network of dedicated humanitarians.

They’re hard at work to bring resources and safety to the displaced citizens fighting for their lives in the crumbling nation. 

And copywriting is making it all happen. 

I just had a unique look into the business of saving lives during a crisis. The rarity of this opportunity is not lost on me. 

I watched and listened as my mentor, a former intel officer and marketing extraordinaire, took call after call to scramble together the marketing materials needed to compel ultra-wealthy investors to happily donate millions of dollars to fund rescue ops all across Ukraine. 

On Friday I listened in on a call about a family struggling to flee their war-torn country. 

A woman, a child, and elderly parents. 

I heard the plan to save them:

  1. Get a group of ultra-wealthy investors together
  2. Communicate a simple marketing message with pamphlets and a presentation
  3. Raise the money needed
  4. Launch the rescue mission

I saw the copy – strong, compelling, well-written. And I thought, “There’s no way this will fail.”

By Monday the call came through that the family was secured and transported to Poland safely. 

Copywriting is known for many things – making money, selling products, and growing businesses.

Saving lives is not usually one of them. But here we are. 

There is a market for everything. Which one are you in?

Talk soon,
Will Mohaupt
Future Copywriting

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