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The Bulletproof USP Process

The 3-step process to craft a bulletproof USP that captivates your customers and kills your competition.

Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that’s more than basic benefits/features can feel like pulling teeth.

Most marketers, copywriters, and WANTrepreneurs get stuck and die in this rut.

They wonder why it’s so difficult, only to end up rationalizing all kinds of unhelpful lies:

  • “I guess my product isn’t that unique.”
  • “I’m just no good at this part.”
  • “Why do I torture myself with this crap?”

If you want to become a USP shark that rules the ocean, then you need to cast those lies adrift at sea.

Here’s a lesson from physics that gives you the truth about why it’s so difficult.

“The coefficient of static friction is greater than the coefficient of kinetic friction.”

Of course, physicists use all kinds of fancy words, but the message is the same.

It takes more resistance to get something moving than it does to keep it moving.

In other words, starting is the hardest part.

With that pain out of the way, you can get down and dirty on creating a killer USP that eats up the competition for breakfast, the customers for lunch, and the clientele for dinner.

Plus, here’s a secret that the WANTrepreneurs don’t know…

All you need to create killer USPs is a simple, 3-step repeatable system that works every time.

It’s called…

The Bulletproof USP Process

Step 1. Write 20 to 50 bullet points (or more) about your product.

Step 2. Identify the three most unique, compelling, and interesting bullets.

Step 3. Craft a one-sentence USP out of the three strongest bullets.

The Bulletproof USP Process tricks your brain into beating the laws of physics.

By starting with quick, simple bullet points, you open the floodgates and let money-making ideas pour out.

As a result, you skip the pain of ideating, head-scratching, and time-wasting by cutting out the hardest part of marketing.

And you do it in a matter of minutes rather than days, weeks, or months.

Before you know it, you’ve crafted dozens of hard-hitting ideas.

And once you’ve found your killer USP, you’re left with tens-of-thousands-of-dollars-worth of bullet points that make excellent:

  • Blog Posts
  • Email subject lines
  • Website Copy
  • FAQs
  • SAQs
  • Headlines for Google and Facebook Ads
  • And anything else…

Here’s the million-dollar PRO TIP hidden deep in The Bulletproof USP Process.

When you write bullets, you’re thinking about every problem you’re setting out to solve for your customers. All of the benefits… And even the benefits of the benefits.

You’re figuring out how to overcome the objections, rationalizations, and complications that prospects have when it comes to buying.

In essence, you are the catalyst for their change.

And to do that effectively, you have to truly understand them… Their needs, worries, frustrations, and pain points – as well as their desires, dreams, and aspirations.

When you use The Bulletproof USP Process, your prospects’ patterns of thought and behavior become obvious.

They emerge from the bullets.

Leverage them to become the captain of your prospects, guiding them to the sale, investment, and solution they need.

The effectiveness of the process is in the results.

P.S. – Your USP that SELLS is just three steps away… Get in touch with me to work through the process together. Your first consultation is totally FREE!

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