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Bad Copywriters!

There is a super lucrative secret every good copywriter knows that no one else seems to have caught onto yet. 

It’s this: 99% of copywriters out there are bad… Like BAD bad. Their copy is clunky, misspelled, unappealing, and overall not effective.

I know this because I’ve been taking their jobs from them and helping businesses make more money than they ever dreamed of.

How am I doing that? Simple. By being a good copywriter! 

You see, you can make money as a bad copywriter. There are so many businesses out there that need a living, breathing person that can write words. And they are willing to pay money for them. 

The problem is, anyone who fancies themselves a writer thinks they can be a good copywriter. 

But then someone like me comes along and shatters their dreams. Because the words I write SELL. And that it is more valuable to a business than the person that can fashion a sentence together. 

In fact it’s so valuable, that businesses are willing to fire their copywriters and pay me thousands of dollars more up front on the promise of more sales alone.

Now I want to share the secrets to good copy.

Because, to be quite honest, I’m SICK of bad copywriting. I think the world deserves better copy, not because I love sales and capital, but because I love GOOD writing.

And I believe if enough people know how to write good copy, eventually we’ll replace all the bad copywriters and be surrounded by wonderful, beautiful, and effective copy. It’s that simple.

Let’s build the future of copywriting together!

Talk Soon,
Will Mohaupt
Future Copywriting

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