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A Quick (Income) Celebration

Smashing your old yearly income with half the work is like no other feeling.

Imagine busting your ass for a $60,000 degree that never returned a yearly income higher than that.

Imagine clocking in and out, week after week, to make someone else rich while you got the occasional back pat for a job well done.

Now, imagine taking your passion and flipping it for a profit, and making more money than a traditional job ever did.

Imagine seeing $10k hit your bank account in a single month after years of a modest salary.

I don’t have to imagine this anymore… because I’m living it.

Right now, I’m on track to make $10,000 more than I ever made as a corpo suit.

I sat down to do some adulting with Future Copywriting and was blown away when I saw the numbers.

I knew I was hitting a stride this summer with some projects, but I wasn’t really keeping tabs on the growth.

So to see that I will make more this year than I ever did chained to a corporate desk…

And in HALF the amount of working hours.

The feeling is unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

Just check out some of this growth Future Copywriting has seen.

  • Projected 171% boost in revenue for 2022
  • 241% increase in revenue between Q2 and Q3 (of 2022)
  • A soft launch for a new training program
  • Exclusive features on up-and-coming podcasts
  • An expanding team to handle more work

To think I started out with NO experience and NO vision a little over a year ago…

And now I’m seeing growth, unlike anything you can get as an employee.

The train ain’t stopping there.

We’ve got some major plans that are cooking, and I want you along for the ride.

It’s time to jump on board or get out of the way.

P.S. – You can jump on board with exclusive training and paid writing opportunities. Book your first call for FREE here.

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